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Slide Thumbnail Slide Fleet Reg Detail Date
H1 OED11 Bedford SBG/Duple passes the Great Western Hotel in Dorchester Jul - 69
H2 RBD 167M Bedford YRO/Willowbrook ex-United Counties, stands outside the Depot at Blandford Apr - 93
H11 295 NAD 295F Daimler Roadliner/ Plaxton passes through the village of Tilton, Leicestershire en route to Cheltenham on a fine morning May - 70
H12 330 ADG330K Leyland Leopard /Plaxton pauses awhile in Bedford Bus Station en route to Great Yarmouth, as passengers stand around on the pavement outside Sep - 73
H13 D313 UAD 313H Daimler Roadliner SRP8/Plaxton is between trips at Hyde Park Road, Southsea. In the picture also a Southdown Leopard and a Royal Blue Bristol MW. Jan - 72
H21 8078 OHY941 Bristol KSW6B/ECW Is seen here 'head on'picking up two elderly ladies at the Clock Tower, East Clevedon on Route 25 Mar - 63
H22 2887 XHW403 Bristol LS6G/ECW is also at the same location as H21 above, and is passing a Lodekka travelling in the opposite direction Mar - 63
H23 C8333 UHY373 Bristol KSW68/ECW flogs up Park Street, Bristol, with a small procession of vehicles behind including a cream and green RE. Snapped from the top deck of a bus travelling in the opposite direction Jun - 73
H24 L8582 WHY947 Bristol LD6G/ECW open top, travels along St. Augustine's Place. Bristol on the 600 Circular Tour Jun - 73
H25 2927 YHT85 Bristol LSSG/fCW passes through picturesque Castle Coombe on Route 399 on a sunny spring day Apr - 69
H26 C8424 YHT920 Bristol KSW6G/ECW passes a school in Whitchurch on Route 3 Jun - 73
H27 C8425 YHT921 Bristol KSW6G/ECW travels along Baldwin Place, Bristol City Centre, on Route 3. heading for Whitchurch Jun - 73
H28 2946 936AHY Bristol MW6G/ECW is seen at rural Bromham on Route 280, as two turquoise Ford cars pass in the opposite direction Apr - 69
H29 7049 217NAE Bristol FLF68/ECW waits in York Street Bath, on Route 212, before setting off for Whiteway. The tower of Bath Abbey is in the background of this vertical shot Apr - 74
H30 2630 EAE469C Bristol MWSG/ECW passes daffodils on an embankment in Nailsworth an route to Horsiey on Route 400 Apr - 71
H31 2125 971WAE Bristol RELH6GJECW coach in cream and pink 'Greyhound' livery pauses in Marlborough on an express service for Bristol Jul - 72
H32 2418 HAE262D Bristol MW6G/ECW in NBC leaf-green waits in the Market Place, Faringdon before setting off for Swindon on the 468. Late afternoon sun highlights the front of the bus -remainder is in shadow Jul - 74
H33 1082 OHW594F Bristol RE116GlECW in NBC leaf green waits near the Cathedral precinct in strong late afternoon sun before leaving for Street on the 376 May - 77
H34 SN1277 EHU378K Bristol RELL6GIECW in NBC livery wafts in Lechiade on a journey to Cirencester on the 477. The spire of the church dominates the scene in this vertical picture May - 75
H35 3009 YHY 74 Bristol LS5G/ECW with rebuilt front end is in Queens St Bristol on Route 374. Its destination blind is missing. A highbridge K passes the other way. Sep - 72
H41 8558 PHW 991 Bristol KSW6G/ECW enters the Promenade from Montpelier an route to Lynworth on the 592.The traditional maroon livery is marred by an orange Typhoo advert on the side of the bus May - 69
H42 92 WHW 821 Bristol KSW6G/ECW catches the sun on the nearside in Cheltenhan Bus Station before setting off for Heaters Way on the 591 Apr - 69
H43 8563 982 EHW Bristol LD6B/ECW prepares to turn at the Cleeve Hill terminus of Route 587 Apr - 69
H44 7075 5380HU Bristol FLF6B/ECW travels down Orchard way on route to Hesters Way on the 591. Although it is overcast, the cherry blossom makes an attractive scene May - 69
H45 1000 KHW 306E Bristol RELLSG/ECW travels down London Road towards town whilst on the 588 to St. Marks Aug - 67
H51 974 VDV794 AEC Reliance/Weymann heads into Brixham on Route 37 on a dull day. The bunting , however is out in the harbour below. It must be summer! Aug - 67
H52 838 XTA838 Albion Nimbus/Willowbrook. Is in Torbay Road, Torquay on a superb day, although the deckchairs in the picture are nearly all empty! Jul - 70
H53 61 VFJ996 Leyland PD2/40/Weymann ex Exeter and in full Exeter livery waits for time at the Crediton terminus of Route 85. Although railings partly obscure the offside panels, the bright sun and background of trees make for a nice picture Jul - 70
H54 74 974AFJ Guy Arab 1V/Massey also in full Exeter livery is seen here in Sidwell Street, Exeter travelling to Marsh Barton Road on Route A. Jul - 70
H55 913 913DTT Leyland PDR1/11Roe turns at The Strand, Torquay on Route 31, in in front of an AEC Reliance/ Park Royal. A carpet of flowers, makes for an attractive foreground Sep - 72
H56 931 931GTA Leyland PDR1/1/Metro Cammell in NBC livery and with a gaudy "wrap round' advert crosses the North Street/High Street junction, Exeter on Route D for Whipton Barton Mar - 80
H57 932 932GTA Leyland PDR1/1/Metro Cammell open top and named "Earl Howe" skirts the sea at Torquay whilst travelling to Broadsands on the 12A on a superb day. Elderly ladies sit on the sea wall, one watches the bus as it passes, the other has her head in the paper. Quite a a nice picture Jul - 70
H58 943 943HTT AEC Regent V/Weymann passes the Bus Station in Exeter on Route 5 to High Meadows. The Bus Station is occupied by a number of Royal Blue vehicles plus a Black and White Leopard Sep - 68
H59 288 88GFJ Leyland PD2A.30/Massey ex Exeter and in NBC poppy red, is in Sidwell Street, Exeter on Route D, making its way to Higher Barley Mount on a fine day Mar - 80
H60 510 CTT510C AEC Regent VlPark Royal, is seen here in Teignmouth town centre heading for Newton Abbot on Route 2. A man hitches a ride on a tractor travelling the other way Jun - 67
H61 519 CTT519C AEC Regent V/Willowbrook waits for time at Exmouth, on Route 5 Sep - 68
H62 530 EOD530D Leyland PDR1/1/Willowbrook in spotless condition leaves a bus stop Paignton on Route 17 to Marldon, on a fine day Jun - 67
H63 42 HOD42E AEC Reliance/Marshall departs Bampton for Exeter on the 217 on a sunny day. A butchers bike is propped up against the wall outside a a shop Jul - 70
H64 541 NDV541G Leyland PDR7/1/MCW passes the Clock Tower at The Strand, Torquay whilst on Route 50 Sep - 72
H65 549 VOD549G Bristol VRTSL26G/ECW. Maybe not a classic but 549 looks well in the original Devon General Livery although with NBC fleetname. It is seen here at Sidwell St. Exeter and is followed by an ex Exeter Leyland PD2A.30/Massey Jun - 74
H66 825 XTA 825 AEC Reliance/Weymann is parked in Sidmouth awaiting departure to Sidbury on Route 17. A similar vehicle is behind. Sep - 68
H67 256 UFJ 296 Guy Arab1 V/Park Royal ex-Exeter and in full Exeter livery poses for the camera at Exeter (?) depot. n/a
H68 931 931 GTA Leyland PDRl/l/Metro-Cammell open top and in NBC livery passes open parkland in Paignton (?) on Route 124 to Babbacombe. n/a
H69 290 AFJ90B Leyland PD2A/30lMassey ex- Exeter but in NBC red livery waits at traffic lights at Sidwell on Route A to Alphington, on a fine day. Identical vehicle 288 waits behind. Mar - 80
H70 882 882ATA Leyland PDR1/1/M.C.W. is freshly repainted in NBC green as passengers wait to board in Fore Street, Exeter, on Route D. Nls part obscured by shelters and passengers. Mar - 80
  EXETER C.T. top^
H81 13 HFJ140 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland heads up Paris Street past the coach station. The destination reads Thornpark Rise although the bus is empty Sep - 68
H82 175 JFJ875 Daimler CVD6SD/Weymann, now preserved, arrives at Budleigh Salterton from Exeter on Route 26 Jun - 67
H83 55 UFJ295 Guy Arab 1 V/Park Royal travels up Bedford Street on a fine summers day heading for Pennsylvania on Route K Jun - 67
H84 71 971AFJ Guy Arab1V/Massey travels along the High St, on Route G for Exwick. Apart from a Morris lorry behind the bus , there is little traffic about Sep - 68
H91 21 3992 Albion VictorlHeaver in red livery waits for its for its departure time under a tree at the Bus Station in St Peter Port Jun - 79
H92 20 1787 Albion Victor/Heaver in black and grey stand by the sea in early evening sunshine at Pleinmont Jun - 79
H93 55 6769 Albion Victor/Heaver in red is seen passing through Bordeaux an route to St.Peter Port on Route 32 Jun - 79
H94 76 8224 Albion Victor/Heaver in dark red passes the Albert Statue St. Peter Port out of service as Bedford 124 waits to depart on an Island Tour Jun - 79
H95 60 9434 Albion Nimbus/Reading in green livery passes greenhouses on the Route des Capetles on its way to St Peter Port on Route 25 Jun - 79
H96 23 1309 Albion Nimbus/Reading in red and cream waits in the sun at St Peter Port Bus Station,out of service. Just behind, can be seen the front of Nimbus 95 in green Jun - 79
H97 170 12727 Albion Nimbus/Reading in red heads out of St Peter Port on Route 22 as four elderly ladies sit on a bench in the sun Jun - 79
H98 184 19662 Bedford J4E25/Reading in green livery passes through Longue Rue on its way to "Town" in afternoon sunshine Jun - 79
  PLYMOUTH C.T. top^
H111 85 NDR85 Leyland PD2/40/Metro Cammelt is about to pull away from a stop in in Royal Parade on its way to Breton Side Bus Station on Route 52 Jul - 70
H112 58 MC0658 Leyland PD2/12/Metro Cammell open top waits for time on Hoe Road before setting out the 38 Circular. People sit and sunbathe on the Hoe, adjacent Jun - 67
H113 144 VDR944 Leyland PDR7/1/Metro Cammell. An anxious would be passenger peers at the destination box of 144 which is waiting outside the Station on rail replacement service. 4 other similar Atlanteans are also in the picture of this busy scene Oct - 73
H114 182 YC0282 Leyland PDR1/1/Metro Cammell. The conductor of 182 waives to the photographer as it makes Its way down Royal Parade on Route 32 Jun - 67
H115 252 MC0252H Leyland PDR2/1/Park Royal travelling along Royal Parade on Route 12 overtakes stationary training bus HJY 276, all Leyland PD2 in grey livery Jul - 70
H121 986 KU099 Bristol K5G/ECW waits in Lyme Regis before setting off for Sidmouth. The driver leans lazily against the o/s front of the vehicle Jul - 68
H122 1655 LTA853 Bristol LWL6B/ECW travels along the Esplanade at Weymouth en route to Goldcroft Estate on Route 38 Aug - 65
H123 1693 LTA990 Bristol LSSG/ECW passes through an almost deserted Corfe Castle on on an evenning journey to Swanage on the 419. The castle ruins and Greyhound Hotel are in the background of this nice shot Jul - 69
H124 1851 LTA994 Bristol KSW68lECW waits in Yeovil behind a Lodekka before commencing a journey to Tower Road on Route 15 Jul - 68
H125 723 MLI0335F Bristol LH6UECW is in an identical spot to the slide above. The bus is empty having arrived from an unknown destination n/a
H126 2052 AU05228 Bristol F1F6G/ECW passes through Weston on its way to Weymouth on a sunny day Jul - 70
  SWINDON C.T. top^
H131 98 PMR98 Daimler CVG61Park Royal heads into town along Marlborough Road on Route 10. The signal box on the railway enbankment behind looks disused Jun - 67
H132 103 PMR103 Daimler CVG6/Park Royal in light blue livery waits at Fieming Way on Route 19 on a journey to Walcot. The conductor, with long black hair looks as though he is about to make his way to the back of the bus Apr - 74
H133 122 XMW122 Daimler CVG6/Roe is photographed here at Regent Circus on Route 8 Although a post 'obliterates' part of the o/s front wheel, this shot is otherwise O.K. Sep - 68
H134 127 127AHR Leyland PD2A.24/Weymann waits in Fleming Way on a journey on Route 12 May - 75
H135 139 AMR139B AEC Reliance/Willowbrook stands in the demonstration park at the Earls Court C.V. show alongside a Walsall Corp. sd Sep - 64
H136 144 JAM144E Daimler CVG6/30/NCME bereft of adverts and in spotless condition passes the Odeon on a journey on Route 6 to the Princess Margaret Hospital Sep - 64
H137 145 JAM 145E Daimler CVG6130/NCME is posed for the photographer in the Depot Yard in rich evening sunlight, which accentuates the mainly cream livery Mar - 82
H138 169 JMW 169P Bristol RESL6G/ECW is on a private hire and is parked at Longleat (?) 169 is resting in the sun and its passengers are probably enjoying their day out. n/a
H151 1862 LTA886 Bristol KSW6B/ECW turns at the bottom of the High St in Helston having arrived on a journey on Route 503. Green hills form the background Jul - 69
H152 1883 RTT962 Bristol LD6B/ECW waits at the Bus Station. St Ives, before setting off for Penzance on Route 517 Jul - 69
H153 1935 VDV752 Bristol LDL6G/ECW open top and in cream and green skirts the coast at Falmouth on an overcast day Jul - 74
H154 1936 VDV753 Bristol LDL6G/ECW open top and in NBC green and white exchanges passengers at Marazion on Route 507 Jul - 74
H155 1937 VDV754 Bristol LDL6G/ECW waits in the little bus Station at St Ives on a lovely day,The harbour and blue sea form an attractive background Jul - 74
H156 1945 VDV779 Bristol LD6B/ECW climbs out of Fortunswell and up to Portland on a fine day, as a panaromanic view of Portand Bay and Weymouth unfolds behind Jul - 70
H157 1787 VDV788 Bristol MW5G/ECW, belches out smoke as it slogs up a hill out of Lynmouth an route to Ilfracombe on the 306. The sea can be glimpsed in the background Jul - 74
H158 3002 267HNU Bristol MW6G /ECW ex Midland General in NBC green and white drives out of Clovelly on Route 379 to Hartland Sep - 77
H159 610 682COD Bristol SUS4A/ECW emerges from the narrow streets of Mousehofe on on the 509, on a beautiful day Jun - 69
H160 1229 279KTA Brristol SUL4AlECW prepares to reverse at Woolacombe. It is a magnificent day, the sky is blue and the greens and browns of the hillside are emphasised in this rural picture Jul - 74
H161 670 BDV251C Bristol SlR4A/ECW travels along the front at Lynmouth heading for Minehead on the 260, as a child scampers along the pavement Jun - 73
H162 1058 OTA292G Bristol VRTSL6G/ECW heads out of Plymouth across the Tamar Bridge in evening sunlight and makes for Looe on the 72 Oct - 73
H163 1828 LTA 838 Bristol K6A/E.C.W. looks fairly smart as it passes a high hedge near Stretchford on its way to Totnes on Route 196. Jul - 69
H164 996 521 DKT Leyland PDR1111Metro-Cammell, is in NBC livery with Cornish Fairways fleetnames. It is at an unidentified semi-rural location on Route 503 to Penzance. n/a
H165 1975 463 FTT Bristol FLF6GlE.C.W. is also in NBC livery. It is at a bus stop on the sea-front at Weymouth. Plenty of people about but all with coats on enjoying summer. n/a
H166 2701 HDV627E Bristol RELL6G/ECW in NBC green swings into Yeovil Bus Station on local service 474 to Tower Road. n/a
H167 1052 OTA286G Bristol VRT /ECW. It is 7.10pm according to the clock above the National Provincial Bank as evening sun shines on 1052 as it makes for Saltash Passage on Route 6. Jul - 69
H168 2080 BOV 259C Bristol FLF6G/ECW in Sealink white and blue says that it is going to Cherbourg, it is near the Railway station at Weymouth. n/a
H171 633 RWV526 Bristol LD6G /ECW waits in Christchurch High Street before leaving for Salisbury on Route 38 Aug - 61
H172 903 RAM620 Leyland PSUC1l2 Harrington ex Silver Star stands out of service in Bournemouth Bus Station Aug - 63
H173 725 EMR300D Bristol MW6G /ECW travels up Dorchester High Street while making for Weymouth on Route 34 Jul - 70
H174 557 LAM107 Bristol LWL5G/ECW with full front is parked at Salisbury Bus Station next to an identical vehicle. A low height Bristol K is behind. Aug - 62
H175 909 WWV 564 Leyland Leopard L1/Harrington ex-Silver Star rests awhile on the cobblestones at Marlborough Street Bus station. Newcastle upon Tyne. Jul - 66
H176 646 684 AAM Bristol FS6G/ECW in mainly cream livery at Salisbury Bus Station. The background is a row of fine Georgian houses one of which is the Tisbury Printing Works. Sep - 68
H177 925 PEL 905G Bedford VAL70/Duple is parked out of service at the rear of Salisbury Depot. Next to it is 827 RE/ECW in d.p. livery. n/a
H191 623BYA Dennis Loline 1/E. Lanes passes through Montacute an route to South Petherton Jul - 70
H192 432RYD Albion Nimbus/Harrington in brown and cream rests in the sun in the Depot yard. Two similar vechicles, but in red /cream are behind it Jul - 70
H193 TYC320 Dennis Lancet UF/Harrington stops outside the 'Phillips Arms in Montacute to pick up a couple of passengers as a lady with a shopping basket walks on Jul - 68
H194 TYC250 AEC Reliance/Willowbrook in brown /cream is seen here in South Pethrton before setting off for Yeovil. Two Lancet UF s.d.s. can be seen in the left background, in the Depot yard Jun - 69
H196 37 VAM944 Leyland PDRI/I/Weymann passes along Blue Boar Row, Salisbury, one of the PD2's is behind and both buses are sepearated by a red and cream Bedford Dormobile van Aug - 62
H201 961 HTT AEC Reliance/Willowbrook ex-Devon General, is parked in glorious sunshine at Widecombe. The moors are in the background. Jul - 70
H202 AFJ 77B AEC Reliance/Harrington is seen here parked in the Bus Station, Exeter, next to an identical vehicle. Jul - 70
H211 1288 MOD 957 Bristol LS6GIE.C.W. is at the Pier, Bournemouth and is a Relief car to London. Although it is sunny, a lady passer-by has a coat and headscarf on. A lamp colum intrudes to the left of the picture, but does not obscure 1288. Aug - 65
H212 224 621 DDV Bristol MW6G/E.C.W. is also a relief coach, but heading towards Bournemouth. It is in open country on the A35 at Wilverley, but conditions are cloudy. Apr - 74
H213 2279 767 MDV Bristol MW6G/E.C.W has partially emerged in bright sunlight from the low level coach station at Bournemouth. It is heading West to Salcombe. Aug - 63