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C1 114 HTF 827 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland passes through Haslingden en route to Accrington on Route 4. A lady in a brown coat looks at the photographer from the other side of the road Sep - 63
C2 147 388 FTB Guy Arab1 V/East Lancs, heads out of Rawtenstall on it's way back to Accrington on a fine evening Mar - 65
C3 157 36 VTF Guy Wulfrunian/East Lancs waits for time in the Bus Station at Blackburn whilst on Route 9 Oct - 63
C4 23 KTC 336C Leyland Tiger Cub /East Lancs leaves the Bus Station on Route 7 to Willows Lane on a fine day Jun - 65
C11 2 LTC 762 Leyland PD2/3/Leyland, waits for time in the Bus Station before setting off for Crowhill on Route 7 Aug - 64
C12 25 225 YTB Leyland P02140/Roe waits in Hyde Bus Station en route to Edgeley on Route 31 Jun - 62
C21 87 YTE 826 BUT 9612T/Bond heads past shops through Openshaw on the 219. In the background is a Manchester PD2/40. Nice period picture Oct - 64
C31 253 BG 8645 Guy Arab 11/Massey waits at Woodside Ferry on Route 60 for Cross Lane Jun - 62
C32 100 ACM 109 Leyland PS1/Massey passes along Upton Road out of service May - 62
C33 237 BCM 237 Guy Arab 111/East Lancs stands out of service at Woodside. Behind is a PD2/31Leyland Apr - 64
C34 267 CBG 567 Leyland PD2/12/Ashcroft is also out of service at Woodside May - 65
C35 16 HCM 516 Leyland PD2/40/Massey passes through sylvan surroundings at Noc-torum on Route 46 May - 62
C36 53 LCM 453 Leyland PD2/401East Lancs heads down Han;iiton Street with the tower of Hamilton Square Station in the background. Vertical picture May - 62
C37 101 RCM 501 Daimler CRG6/Weymann. After a heavy shower of rain, but in sunshine 101 leaves the Bus Station at Woodside for Moreton Square on the 77. Other buses are in the background of this dramatic picture Oct - 64
C38 229 BCM 229 Guy Arab111/E.Lancs. is in Hamilton Square on the 60 heading for Cross Lane. Nice clear route numbers on this fleet's buses. May - 65
C39 69 MCM 969 Leyland PD2/40/Massey is at Woodside and is empty although the destination is Greasby, 3 more d.d.'s are also in the picture. Feb - 63
C51 6 BCB 339 Leyland PS1/Crossley waits out of service at the Town Centre Bus Park Mar - 66
C52 133 CBV 433 Guy Arab 111/Crossley heads into town along the High Street. The destination is Shadsworth Road (? ) Jun - 65
C53 148 HCB 148 Guy Arab1 V/East Lancs heads out along a tree lined Preston New Road on a sunny day showing the destination '45 Special' Apr - 71
C54 166 NCB 166 Guy Arab 1V/East Lancs with Johannesburg front waits for its next duty in the Bus Station, alongside a Ribble Atlantean Jun - 65
C55 26 PCB 26 Leyland PD2A. 24/East Lancs fights for space amongst traffic in the Town Centre while on Route 3 making for Wilpshire , some slight ingress of light obliterates the rear wheel Oct - 63
C56 58 JTF 218F Leyland PD2. 47/East Lancs, ex Darwen and in red /white/green waits out of service in the Bus Station. Behind is a rear entrance PD2A. Oct - 63
C71 240 DFV 140 Leyland PD2/3/Burlingham heads along the Promenade at the Tower on Route 6B. The destination is given on a board behind the windscreen. A PD3A 1 is in the background Mar - 66
C72 366 YFR 366 Leyland PD3111Metro-Cammell is also in the Promenade at the Tower, but heading north on Route 5 to Grange Estate. Immediately behind is an identical vehicle Mar - 66
C73 535 LFR 535F Leyland PD3/11/Metro-Cammell, is seen here in St. Annes and also has a destination board on the radiator, this one is for Route 41 Aug - 76
C74 528 357 CLT AEC -P.R.V. Routemaster ex-L.T. is bathed in rich evening sunlight as it passes the Pleasure Beach on Route 40 Sep - 90
C75 292 EFV 292 Ld PD2/5/Burlingham, is photographed from the top deck of a North-bound bus on Queens Promenade. It is a day of hazy sunshine and 292 is on the 25A bound for the now closed Central Station. n/a
  BOLTON top^
C81 90 KWH 570 Daimler CVG6/East Lancs waits in the Bus Station yard before proceeding to Horwich on Route 16 Mar - 65
C82 157 SBN 757 Leyland PD3/4/East Lancs. The Town Hall clock says it is just after 3pm, as 157 in red livery, waits to depart Howell Croft Bus Station for Hutton Lane on Route 80 Mar - 65
C83 182 UBN 915 Leyland PD3A. 2/Metro-Cammell passes along Newport Street on its way to Dunscar on Route 30. The Town Hall is also in the picture -this time it is mid-day Oct - 63
C84 195 UWH 195 Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell is also in Howell Croft Bus Station, waiting to depart on the 66 for Swan Lane Oct - 63
C85 15 YBN 15 Leyland PSU314R1East Lancs is pictured here entering Moor lane Bus Station with the destination 'Borough Hospital' 48 Mar - 65
C91 182 HG 9920 Leyland PD2/3/ Northern Counties waits in the Bus Station on Route 33 before departure to the off-putting destination 'Bleak House'. PD2/12 No 224 is behind Apr - 68
C92 195 ACW 560 Leyland PD2/3/East Lancs travels along Church Street on route 24 to Burnley. On the other side of the road a young man is about to post a letter outside the Post Office Jul - 67
C93 201 AHG 640 Guy Arab 1V/East Lancs heads along Briarfield Road past well kept terraced houses on Route 50 on its way to Lowerhouse Jul - 67
C94 37 BHG 756 Leyland PS2114/East Lancs waits on the cobbles on a steep hill at at Ludgate Circus, Colne. The hills in the background look a little bleak in this picture Aug - 66
C101 52 NRG 552 Leyland PSUCI/111East Lancs passes 'Safeway' as it enters the Bus Station, on route 78 Jul - 77
C102 186 CUV 156C AEC-P.R.V. Routemaster ex-LT is also pictured at the Bus Station. It is on route 23 to Colne Jul - 77
C103 14 WRN 14R Leyland PSU3D/4R/Alexander passes through Slaidburn on a damp day on route 227 Jul - 77
  BURY C.T. top^
C111 207 GEN 207 Leyland PD3/4lWeymann waits at Kay Gardens prior to leaving for Whitfield on the 37. Most of the lower deck passengers are staring at the photographer Jun - 65
C112 129 TEN 129 Daimler CRG6/Alexander leaves Howell Croft Bus Station, Bolton for Bury on Route 52. In the background, a road sweeper and his mate push their cart Mar - 65
C113 106 REN 106 Leyland PDR1/1/Metro Cammell waits to leave its terminus near Trinity Street Station at Bolton on the 52 for Bury. The headlight arrangement on this bus is somewhat unusual Oct - 63
  CHESTER C.T. top^
C121 65 FFM 661 AEC Regal 1/Massey heads down Bridge Strret to an unknown destination and overtakes a begrimed delivery boy on a bike. The famous 'rows' are evident in this picture Aug - 66
C122 81 OFM 33 Foden PVD6/Massey turns right out of Eastgate on Route 1 to Stanford as a policeman chats to a pedesrrian on the pavement edge Apr - 66
C123 5 RFM 645 Guy Arab 1V/Guy is beckoned into Eastgate by a policeman on point duty. The bus is heading for White Friars Aug - 66
C124 15 XFM 525 Guy Arab1 V/Massey is snapped from the rows as it makes its way along Northgate on a dull day. The destination is the Troopers Inn May - 65
C125 31 4831 FM Guy ArabV/Massey passes under the walls at the bottom of Lower Bridge street, while making for Saltney on Route 6 Nov - 73
C126 1 RFM 641 Guy Arab1V/Massey. Tea is being consumed by the crew as No 1 waits at Chester General Station on Route 23 to the Zoo. Aug - 82
C127 10 UFM 861 Guy Arab 1V/Massey is at the Town Hall and is on Route 7 to Cliveden Road. 2 people are inspecting footwear in Olivers shop window opposite. 6/71. Jun - 71
C131 1 KUN 399 Bedford OLAZ/Spurling posing as the Welsh Mountain Zoo bus is seen approaching the Pier (? ) but empty of passengers Sep - 63
C141 DCA 337 JFM 90 Bristol K6A/ECW sits in the sun in an unidentified street in Colwyn it is empty of both passengers and crew May - 65
C142 SLG 124 KFM 773 Bristol L5GIECW waits for its time at West Kirby Station before departure to Birkenhead. Standing behind is lodekka DLB 704 and its crew May - 65
C143 STE 963 LFM 329 Leyland PS1/11Weymann stands outside the Station at Colwyn Bay before departure to Eglwysbach on the M24 Aug - 64
C144 DLB 679 RFM 424 Bristol LD6B/ECW is immaculately turned out in d.p. livery as it crosses the Runcorn Bridge on the X12 to Rhyl on a fine day Jun - 62
C145 SSG 603 336 CFM Bristol SC4LK/ECW skirts Llyn Olwen on Route N75 to Bangor, as car drivers stop at the side of the road to enjoy the scenery. The front of the bus is slightly blurred Sep - 63
C146 STL 932 SBO 256 Leyland PSUC1llPark Royal ex-Western Welsh passes through Newcastle Emlyn empty but showing Bws Ysgol/School Bus in the destination box Jun - 73
C147 EUB 329 SFM 6 Bristol 1568/ECW departs Liverpool Pier Head for Caernarvon on the X7 with a good load. Disappearing out of the picture at the rear is an unpainted Liverpool d.d. Jun - 62
C148 DEG 402 RDB 879 Dennis Loline 111/Alexander ex-North Western is snapped here in countryside near Gawsworth whilst working the K38 to Macclesfield Sep - 73
C149 DFG 192 GFM 192C Bristol FS6G/ECW skirts the sea at Rhos promenade on a fine day, and is making for Penmaen Head on Route A1 May - 66
C150 STL 939 FUH 363C Leyland PSUCI/11/Park Royal ex-Western Welsh on its way into Aberystwyth, on the 550 picks up passengers at Gilfachrheda against a background of trees Jun - 73
C151 DKB 634 OFM 661 Bristol. K 6G./ECW. is at West Kirby showing School Bus' although empty 2 more K's are behind. Interesting picture. Jun - 62
C152 SMG 452 1232 FM Bristol MW6G/ECW. in NBC livery is in Caernarvon on Service R2. n/a
C153 CRG 527 AFM 102B Bristol RELH6G/EGW in coach livery is arriving in Caernarvon on the L1. Just in the picture is a full fronted Bristol L on the N9. n/a
C154 SSG 609 342 CFM Bristol SC4LKlE.C.VaI. has just crossed over the railway at Fairbourne and the station is in the background. It is on Route 528 and is going to 'Service'- presumably there was no Welsh equivalent on the blind. Jul - 71
C155 DLG 962 298 HFM Bristol LD6G/ECW is in Llandudno on the M12 to Penmaen Head. In the background are the Great Orme, and shops with canopies. A lady cycles round a roundabout bedecked with roses. She is well wrapped up-it couldn't have been too warm. Nice picture. Jul - 62
  DARWEN C.T. top^
C161 2 GTB 763 Leyland PD1/Alexander is seen entering George St. Blackburn on the Darwen-Black burn Express Jun - 65
C162 17 434 BTE Crossley Regent V/East Lancs waits for time in Parliament Street before setting off on the 'Express' to Blackburn Jun - 65
C163 20 739 DTC Crossley Reliance /East Lancs stands in the Bus Station in front of the Town Hall (? ) before departure for Birch Hall Estate Oct - 70
C164 28 FTD 250B Leyland PD3A. 1/East Lancs circles the roundabout outside the offices of the Evening Telegraph in Blackburn on its way to Darwen Mar - 66
  DOUGLAS C.T. top^
C171 61 JMN 725 AEC Regent 111/N.C.M.E. leaves Darby Castle for Victoria Pier on Route 1. The high ground behind is enshrouded in mist Jun - 76
C172 30 NMN 201 AEC Regal 1V lWillowbrook loads in the Town Centre for Nobles Park Route 11, although the bus stop sign says the stop is for Routes 10 and 12! Jun - 76
C173 33 YMN 290 AEC Reliance/Mulliner with large indicator box is snapped at the Villa Marina on Route 32 Jun - 76
C174 1 8122 MN AEC Regent V/Metro-Cammell is photographed from a high vantage point heading towards town on the Central Promenade. It is a fine evening although the beach is deserted Jun - 76
C181 5432 332 TF Leyland PD2/40/Roe ex Ashton Under-Lyne is in Lower Moseley St Manchester on Route 236 to Glossop Sep - 74
C182 6303 BEN 103 Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell ex Bury waits out of service at Bolton Moor Bus Stn. May - 78
C183 3685 3685 NE Leyland PD2/37/Metro-Cammell travels down Piccadilly at the start of its journey to Hazel Grove on the 192 Sep - 74
C184 3093 FRJ 247D Leyland PD2/40/ Metro -Cammell ex Salford departs Stevenson Square, Manchester for Pendlebury on Route 57 May - 78
C185 5843 HJA 943E Leyland PD2/40/East Lancs ex-Stockport stands at the Glossop Terminus of Route 236 before setting off for Manchester, it is an overcast day and the hills in the background look a little murky Apr - 78
C186 3209 EJP 509 Leyland PD3/21N.C.M.E. ex Wigan and in Wigan livery arrives in Hindley on a fine day on Route 606. People stand chatting outside the gas showroom as the bus passes Jun - 77
C187 RM2202 770 DYE AEC-P P.R.V. Routemaster ex-L.T. is in Central Manchester on Route 143 to Piccadilly. Is in G.M.P.T.E's version of L.T. livery. Apr - 90
C191 4 KTJ 879 Leyland PS1/Burlingham pauses in Deardengate as shoppers inspect the produce at the greengrocers near the bus stop Mar - 66
C192 11 PTF 208 Leyland PD2/12/Leyland departs Rawtenstall for Haslingden on a fine evening. A Morris Minor spews its exhaust into the atmosphere as it travels the other way Mar - 65
C193 1 XTF 98D Leyland PD3/4/East Lancs, arrives at Bacup Bus Station. The daffodils are in bloom in an adjacent flower bed Apr - 68
  ISLE OF MAN R.S. top^
C201 34 HMN 787 Leyland PS1/ E.C.W.looks forlorn outside the Depot at Port Erin Jun - 76
C202 89 NMN 907 Leyland PSU1113/Leyland is seen here in Ramsey on a local service Jun - 76
C203 59 MN 59 Leyland PD3(4/NCME ex-Midland Red/Stratford Blue looks well kept as as it stands on waste ground near the Depot at Ramsey Jun - 76
C204 80 LMN 80 Leyland PD3A. 1/Weymann ex-Bournemouth is seen here in Castletown Jun - 76
  LANCASTER C.T. (PRE 1974) top^
C211 726 FTD 726 Guy Arab 11/Park Royal is in the town centre on Route 'W' heading for Marsh Sep - 65
C212 961 JTD 961 Crossley DD42/5/ Crossley rests in the Bus Station having arrived on Route W. The rear of another Crossley is to the left of the picture Sep - 65
C213 128 128 DTD Leyland PD2/40/E Lancs stands in the Bus Station before leaving for Beaumont on Route 11 Sep - 65
C214 176 176 FTJ Leyland PSUC1/3/E. Lancs passes flowerbeds of tulips at the entrance to Williamson Park while on Route 6 to Ridge May - 71
C215 203 203 YTE Leyland PD21371E. Lancs loads its passengers in Market Street before leaving for Hala. The camera has just caught a pedestrian who appears to the left of the picture Sep - 65
  LANCASTER (POST 1974) top^
C216 73 MTE 635 AEC Regent 111/Weymann in blue passes the Bus Station at Battery, Morecambe on 'learner' duties Jun - 75
C217 81 TTB 690 AEC Regent 111/Park RoyaLElderly ladies struggle to board as 81 in green loads passengers at Battery in Morecombe on the 22 Jun - 75
C218 841 HB 9841 Leyland PD314JEast Lancs ex-Merthyr Tydfil, is seen here in Lancaster town Centre on route 1 heading for Hala Jun - 75
C219 32 HHG 32 Leyland PD3/6/East Lancs ex-Burnley passes Battery on Route 22 on an overcast day Jun - 75
  LEIGH C.T. top^
C221 16 KTD 768 Leyland PD2/1/Lydney in fine condition basks in the sun in the Bus Station Mar - 65
C222 32 JTB 794 AEC Regent 111/Roberts is photographed from the top deck of a bus passing in the opposite direction. It is in Chapel Street and is passing St. Thomas' Church Mar - 65
C223 60 223 FTC Dennis Loline 1(E. Lancs looking a little tatty leaves the Bus Station on a trip to Hob Hey Lane on Route 5 Mar - 65
C224 3 778 YTB Leyland PD3A.1./E. Lancs. is pictured here waiting in the Bus Station when almost new. In the background a red Thames lorry waits with a substantial load of hay Jun - 62
C225 34 HTJ 763B AEC Renown/E. Lancs passes under the railway at Manchester Victoria/Exchange Station on its way back to Leigh on Route 26 Mar - 65
C231 A664 JKF 907 AEC Regent111lWeyman.- L.C.P.T. passes the junction of Mather Avenue and Green Lane on a pleasant day heading for Castle St on Route 4 Jun - 62
C232 L826 MKS 909 Leyland PD2/12/Weymann heads down Lord Street en route for the Pier Head on Route 18C. PD2/12 L43 is close behind Jun - 62
C233 A106 SKB106 AEC RegentV/Crossley is seen here surrounded by greenery in Menlove Avenue on a lovely day while making for Castle Street on Route 5 Jun - 67
C234 XL171 SKB168 Leyland PSU1/13/Metro - Cammell. This rear off side picture of the unusual 1 1/2 deck "Airporter" coach in two tone blue is taken at the Airport itself Oct - 61
C235 A254 VKB887 AEC Regent V/Metro - Cammell is pictured in Brodie Avenue on the 80 for Speke. Old tram standards and reserved right of way are in evidence here Jul - 62
C236 L303 VKB709 Leytand PD2/20/Crossley - Metro - Cammell looks rather bland in its unpainted finish as it waits at the terminus of route 74D in East Prescot Rd. May - 65
C237 L505 505KD Leyland PDR1/1lMetro-Cammel is overtaken by a Crosvitle Bristol LD as it waits on the cobblestones at the Pier Head on Route 86. An elderly man in a black coat waits to cross the road Mar - 63
C238 L130 RKC 231 Leyland PD2/20/Duple. Is in sun at Pier Head showing 92A Kirby'. One of the 2 buses in the background is in unpainted livery. Jun - 62
C239 A194 YKB 792 AEC RegentVlMetro-Cammell approaches the Pier Head showing 73A Belle Vale on the blinds. L671 on the 15D is just behind. n/a
C240 L296 VKB 752 Leyland PD2/20/Crossley-Metro Cammmell waits out of service near the Pier, but showing 14 Croxteth. 3 other buses are in the picture. A church tower overlooks the scene. Mar - 66
C241 L158 RKC259 Leyland PD2/20/Alexander in the mainly cream City Circle livery is in Lime Street on a fine day, in the background a Ribble PD3 passes Burtons the tailors. Mar - 66
C251 AJC 551 Guy Wolf/Metalcraft waits near the seafront for passengers to take a Circular Tour. 3 other buses keep it company Jul - 62
C252 AJC 91 Foden PVSC6/Metalcraft stands in the High St (?)-its indicator board says Great Ormes Head Jul - 66
C253 CCC 597 Guy Otter/Roe waits near the seafront outside the Marlborough Hotel. The destination is Marine Drive although no-one is aboard May - 77
C261 533 TTE 142 Guy Arab 1 V/N.C.M.E. waits out of service in Warrington. The trees are bare and the scene is otherwise deserted Mar - 66
C262 35 128 MTE Leyland PSUC7/21NCME. reposes in Blackpool Coliseum Bus Station Mar - 66
C263 78 518 VTB Guy Arab 1 V/NCME. is seen here in residential surroundings at Eccleston Hill making for Liverpool on the 320 Jun - 62
C264 163 KTD 795C Guy Arab V/NCME leaves Moor lane Bus Stn. Bolton on Route 59 for Wigan. Two Bolton D.D.s can be glimpsed to the right of the picture Mar - 65
C265 238 WTD 161D Guy ArabV/N.C.M.E. passes Atherton Garage en route for Liverpool on Route 39 Mar - 70
C266 293 NTC110G AEC SwifT/N.C.M.E. is in Wigan near the Bus Station and is making for Leigh on Route 34 Sep - 70
C271 18 GTB 905 Leyland PD1/Leyland, heads into Lytham Square past a chemist shop with a glass awning over the pavement. The destination of the bus is St. Anne's Square Mar - 66
C272 12 JTD 383 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland, waits at St. Anne's Square and is about to be overtaken by PD2/30 No 63 Mar - 66
C273 59 758 CTD Leyland PD2/20/NCME waits at St. Anne's Square on Route 11B on a rather overcast day Oct - 73
C274 63 46 NTD Leyland PD2/30/Metro -Cammell, passes bungalows on Clifton Drive North on a fine day while on Route 11A to Blackpool Mar - 66
C281 4118 JND 719 Daimler CVG61 Metro-Cammell waits in Deansgate for passengers on Route 64X to the'Match'. Visible in the picture is the Cathederal and 3 other M.C.T.D, buses Apr - 68
C282 3488 TNA 488 Leyland PD2/40/Burlingham is seen here in ex-works condition in Piccadilly. A board on the radiator says it is a 'Special Bus to Silvana' Jun - 65
C283 4665 ANA 6658 Daimler CRG6/Metro-Cammell waits in Piccadilly Bus Stn. on Route 47 Mar - 65
C284 69 BND 869C Leyland Panther Cub/Park Royal travels along Piccadilly on a misty morning on Route 97 Mar - 66
C285 Assorted General view of Piccadilly including PD2/3/Metro-Cammell No 3204 and CVG6lBurlingham together with cars and vans of the period when the picture was taken Oct - 63
C291 1315 ONE 715 B.U.T. 9612T/Burlingham is bathed in sunlight at Ashton Market on the 219. Fruit and veg stalls are open and a small group of people to the right of the picture appear to examine something. Trolleybus 1304 stands in shadow behind. Quite a nice picture Oct - 64
C292 1343 ONE 743 B.U.T. 9612T/Burlingham sets off down Aytoun Street for Audenshaw on the 218X Oct - 63
C301 43 EHF 392 Leyland PD2/10/Metro-Cammell waits at Seacombe Ferry- next to it is 64, Leyland PD2/12/Weymann still in Wallasey livery May - 71
C302 L33 NKD 633 Leyland PD2/12/Weymann in Liverpool livery passes the entrance to Lime St. Station on Route 194, overtaking a Bedford minibus in the process May - 71
C303 51 LCM 401. Leyland PD2/40/E.Lancs waits at the terminal at Woodside on Route 71A. Two more PD2's are in the background Oct - 72
C304 66W OCM 987 Leyland PD21/40/Massey ex-Birkenhead and in St. Helens red and cream waits before setting off for Warrington from Victoria Square, St Helens Sep - 74
C305 153 HDJ 753 AEC RegentV/Weymann. A queue of people waits to board 153 which is seen here in Wootton heading for St. Helens on the 89 Sep - 74
C306 90 VWM 90L Leyland AN68/1 R/Alexander ex-Southport waits in Southport in sunshine. It looks fine in the Southport colours of red and cream. Oct - 79
C311 23 JTE 549 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal stops to off load local passengers in Marine Drive on a journey to Bare Sep - 65
C312 65 KTF 594 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal open top departs from the stop at Promenade Station on Route 3 to Heysham Village. Closed top AEC No 79 is right behind Jul - 71
C313 76 MTE 638 AEC Regent 111/Weymann travels past houses as it makes its way along Heysham Road to Heysham Village on the 3 Jul - 74
C314 81 TTB 690 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal passes the 'Adria Restaurant' in Battery on Route 22 to Torrisholme Jul - 74
C321 450 AJA 170 Bristol K5G/Willowbrook waits for its departure time in Northwich Bus Station on a journey to Rudheath . The rear of a Crosville MW is to the left of the picture Jun - 62
C322 267 BJA 422 Bristol L5G /Willowbrook arrives in Buxton on Route 27. Very slight ingress of light at the bottom of this picture Apr - 62
C323 302 DDB 302 Bristol L5G1Weymann. The driver of 302 is just getting out of the cab having just parked the vehicle at the back of Matlock Bus Station. Nearside picture Aug - 63
C324 563 FDB 563 Leyland PSUCI/1/Weymann is pictured here on its way to Ashbourne on Route 65. A lorry involved with road works is blocking the road behind the bus. Nice picture Oct - 64
C325 666 YDB 666 Leyland PD2121/Weymann lays over in Stockport. 3 other N.W.R.C.C. buses are in the picture. The background is the railway viaduct Mar - 70
C326 797 KDB 797 AEC Reliance/Willowbrook waits in Altrincham Bus Station having arrived on Route 40. 5 other buses are in this picture Jun - 62
C327 835 RDB 835 AEC Reliance/Alexander in red and cream is followed by a van and two cars including an elderly Ford Prefect as it rounds a bend at Burbage Bridge. Scenic picture taken from the adjacent hillside May - 69
C328 894 RDB 894 Dennis Loline 111/Alexander waits in Altrincham Bus Station before leaving for Delahays Road on the 99. To the left is a PD2/21/Weymann 664 Jun - 62
C329 957 VDB 957 Leyland PSU3/3RT/Alexander in red and cream passes through picturesque Foolow on its way to Sheffield on Route 84 Nov - 71
C330 118 AJA 118B AEC Renown/Park Royal almost new, gleams in the sun as it enters Lower Moseley Street Bus Station. Manchester on Route 233 Mar - 65
C331 131 AJA 1318 Bedford VAL 14/Strachans with pecullar arched roof for the Dunham Massey bridge leaves Altrinchamon the 98 May - 65
C332 316 NJA 316H Bristol- RELH6G//Alexander is framed by the bare branches of a tree as it passes sustantial houses in Buxton Apr - 70
C333 974 VDB974 AEC Renown/Park Royal lays over in Blackpool on the X60 next to an Alexander-bodied Fleetiine. Mar - 66
C334 932 FCD 295D Leyland PD3l4INCME, ex-Southdown is a driver training vehicle and is seen here at Liverpool's Pier Head. Livery is bright red and blue. Jan - 90
  OLDHAM C.T. top^
C341 402 NBU 502 Leyland PD2/20/Roe in experimental two tone blue livery passes through the Town Centre on a journey to Manchester on Route 98 Sep - 63
C342 408 NBU 508 Leyland PD2/20/Crossley is also passing throgh the town on Route 98, this time the destination is Waterhead Sep - 63
C343 462 PBU 962 Leyland PD2/30/N.C.M.E. waits in Ashton before setting off for Rochdale on Route 9. Behind is a Rochdale Regent V in original livery Jun - 62
  PRESTON C.T. top^
C351 74 CRN 79 Leyland PS1/1/E.Lancs in brown waits in sunny Lancaster Road on a special service to 'Frame Stores' Mar - 67
C352 126 DRN 309 Leyland PD2/1lLeyland in blue heads along Blackpool Road in wintry sun having operated a journey to the Cemetery Feb - 71
C353 10 PRN 762 Leyland PD3/6/Leyland - P.C.T. in blue leaves a stop in Birley St. for for Broadgate. A pole casts a shadow over the front of the bus Mar - 67
C354 15 PRN 507 Leyland PD3/4/Metro-Cammell in blue waits at the Hutton terminus before departing for Ribbleton on the P5 Apr - 71
C361 21 HTF 816 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland waits for time in Rawstenstall before setting of for Bury, as Rawtenstall Leopard No 50 overtakes Mar - 65
C362 1 247 STD Leyland PD2/24/E.Lancs is seen here in Bury in early evening shadow waiting to depart for Edenfield Jun - 65
C371 55 MTB 848 Leyland PS2/1/E.Lancs. stands out of service at the Bus Station, next to PD2/t No 9 Sep - 63
C372 16 NTD 529 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland passes a small roundabout in the Town Centre Looking up the street in the background is a mill chimney and the moors Mar - 65
C373 61 VTJ 732 Leyland PD2/20/E. Lancs. The conductor of No 61 chats to the driver while waiting in Haslingden en route to Bacup Sep - 63
C374 50 FTE 650B Leyland Leopard L1/E. Lancs loads its passengers in the Town Centre on a sunny evening before leaving for Hall Carr Mar - 65
  RIBBLE M.S. top^
C391 421 FCK 853 Leyland PSUC1/1/Saunders-Roe. A queue of elderly ladies waits to board 421 in Lancaster Bus Station, which is on Route L4 to Penrhyn Road Sep - 65
C392 1412 HCK 472 Leyland PD2/131MCW rests in Liverpool. Behind is a Liverpool Atlantean Sep - 65
C393 1469 JCK 544 Leyland PD2/12/Burlingham passes through its birthplace, Leyland, apparently out of service Apr - 71
C394 1597 LCK 760 Leyland PD314/Burl ingham heads into town over the bridge over the River Eden, into Carlisle on Route 663 to Morton Park on a fine spring day Apr - 69
C395 1975 LRN 63 Leyland PD3/4/Burl ingham ex-Scout and in NBC livery leaves Southport Bus Station for Wigan on Route 376 Oct - 73
C396 1706 PCK 347 Leyland PD3/5/MCW is photographed from above in Lime St. Liverpool It is followed by 1507, PD3/4/Burlingham and old tram tracks are still in evidence Jun - 62
C397 1806 RRN 406 Leyland PDRi/1/M.C.W. skirts Ullswater on a fine summers day, followed by a maroon Ford Anglia. It is on Route 49 bound for Patterdale. Nice scenic picture Jun - 75
C398 1279 RRN 428 Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann coach waits for its departure time in Lower Moseley St. Bus Station, Manchester before setting off for Blackpool on the X60. A pedestrian slightly obscures the extreme rear of the bus Aug - 63
C399 902 ECK 902E Leyland PSU3/4R/Marshall is pictured here in countryside near Adlington on Route 312 to Horwich. Bare trees are to the left of the picture and moors provide the background Mar - 71
C400 235 HRN 235G Bristol RELL6G/E.C.W.heads out to the Plough Inn on Preston local service P2. It is pictured in Penwortham, cherry blossom contrasts with the factory chimneys in the background Apr - 71
C401 35 VFR377 Standerwick Leyland PDR 1 /1 Weymann. Gay Hostess' d.d. coach is at speed on the M1 passing the Watford Gap services. Traffic is rather lighter than it is to-day! Jul - 69
C402 276 5051 HN Bristol MW6G/ECW, ex-United Auto is parked out of service in Carlisle Bus Station. It is seen shortly after repaint into Ribble colours after the take over of United Auto's Carlisle area services. May - 71
C403 Assorted General view of Southport Bus Station which used to be a Railway Station. In the picture are a Leopard and a number of PD3's. Oct - 73
C404 1066 NFR 960 Leyland PSUC1/2/Burlingham Seagull waits out of service by the railings at Burnley Bus Station. Apr - 68
  ROCHDALE C.T. top^
C411 220 GDK 720 AEC Regent 111/Weymann catches the last of the evening sun as it arrives in the Town Hall Square on Route 16 Mar - 65
C412 255 KDK 655 Daimler CVG6/Weymann waits by the Town Hall on a journey to Kirkholt on Route 18 Sep - 63
C413 291 NDK 991 AEC RegentVlWeymann. The conductor joins the driver in the cab of 291(!) as it waits in Packer St in the evening on Route 12A Mar - 65
C414 343 KDF 143F Daimler CRG6/Weymann heads down South Parade on Route 9 to Ashton, and overtakes stationary RegentV,No 291 Jul - 65
C415 291 NDK 991 AEC Regent V/Weymann waits by a sizeable bus shelter outside the Westminster Bank in South Parade. Its destination is 11C Norden.ln original livery. Jun - 62
C421 34 MTJ 434C Leyland PD3/4/E,Lancs heads through Rawtenstall to the appropriately named 'Water' on a damp day. A lady in a check coat stands on a corner and admires (?) the fine condition of this machine Jul - 69
  SALFORD top^
C431 469 FRJ 469 Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell waits in Victoria Bus Station for departure on Route 30 to Lancaster Road. The rear of a PD2/30/MCW is in the background Mar - 65
C432 231 DBA 231C Leyland PDR1/Metro-Cammell is also in Victoria Bus Station and is waiting to leave for Walkden on the 9. Behind is CVG6/Metro-Cammel I Mar - 65
  S.E.L.N.E.C. P.T.E. top^
C441 67 XTC 854 Guy Arab 1V/Bond ex-Ashton and still in blue waits in the Bus Station on a damp but brightening day. It is on Route 07 to Hazelhurst May - 70
C442 8 DBN 978 Crossley SD42171Crossley, ex-Bolton and in Bolton livery rests in Carlton Street outside A Garage. I suppose it would have looked quite bizzare in S.E.L.N.E.C. orange May - 70
C443 10 JBN 141 Leyland PSU1/13/Bond is in Shifnall Street outside A Garage. The surroundings look drab as a man walks down the street with his hands in his pockets May - 70
C444 6595 KWH 575 Daimler CVG6/E.Lancs ex-Bolton and still in brown livery, departs the Town Centre for Townleys on the 1. Also in the picture is 6628 Leyland PD3/4/E. Lancs, also in Bolton livery May - 71
C445 1 187 lT8 Leyland PSUC1/2/E.Lancs ex-Leigh and still blue and cream waits in the sun, but out of service in Leigh Bus Station Mar - 70
C446 64 267WTE Dennis Loline 111/E.Lancs ex-Leigh and still in original livery prepares to leave Leigh Bus Station for Laxey Crescent on the 3 Mar - 70
C447 3213 JND 614 Leyland PD2/3/Metro-Cammell ex-Manchester and in red stands in Piccadilly out of service. Behind is red PD2/40/Burlingham. 3509 Mar - 70
C448 875 RD8 875 Dennis Loline 111/Alexander ex-North Western and still red/cream leaves Altrincham Bus Station for Stockport on the 80 Mar - 73
C449 123 AJA 123B AEC Renown/Park Royal ex-North Western and also in red/cream waits in Hyde Bus Station before leaving for Glossop on the 125 Oct - 72
C450 349 EBU 879 Leyland PD2/3/Roe,ex-Oldham and in Oldham livery passes Williams Deacons Bank in York St. Plenty of pedestrians in the picture together with a dog which is jumping up at a young man Sep - 70
C451 457 OWB 856 Leyland PD2/10/Leyland ex-Oldham and previously with Sheffield waits in York St. on Route 3 to Middleton Sep - 70
C452 106 106 HBU Leyland PD3/5/Roe, in later Oldham livery is in West Street in Oldham, but is on Route 9 to Ashton Sep - 70
C453 6205 ODK 705 AEC RegentV/Weymann ex-Rochdale and in orange travels empty along Smith St Sep - 70
C454 52 EDB 552 Leyland PD211/Leyland, ex-Stockport but in S.H.M.D. green emerges from Park Road Depot, its destination showing '21 Manchester' May - 70
C455 61 OMB 161 Daimler CVD6/N.C.M.E. ex-S.H.M.D. and in green waits in Piccadilly Bus Station on Route 211 to Hattersley. As a contrast an-Manchester Atlantean freshly painted in orange waits behind Apr - 70
C456 Assorted na A rather wet day in Stalybridge Bus Station sees 7 vehicles, 3 in S.H.M_D. green, 1 in Stockport red, 1 Ashton blue and 2 Manchester red. A reminder of the variety once to be found in Lancashire Apr - 70
C461 106 GFY 406 Leyland PD2/3/Leyland makes an attractive sight as it passes down lord St. on Route 16 to Guildford Road Apr - 64
C462 116 GWM 816 Crossley SD42/71Crossley stands at the Monument, apparently out of service. A barrier partly obscures the rear of the bus but the picture is still O.K. Jun - 67
C463 34 LFY 34 Leyland PD2/20/Weymann leaves Eastbank St. for Russell Road on Route 7 Mar - 66
C464 53 CWM 153C Leyland PD2/40/Weymann heads down Lord St on Route 11. On the other side of the road , verandahs outside of the shops typical of the town Mar - 66
  S.H.M.D. top^
C471 41 KMA 511 Daimler CVD6/N.C.M.E. waits out of service in Hyde Bus Stn. In the background drab looking terraced houses Jun - 62
C472 54 LMA 754 Daimler CVD6/E.Lancs also waits out of service in Hyde Bus Stn. Keeping it company are 4 other SHMD buses Jun - 67
C473 3 103 UTU Leyland PD2/37/N.C.M.E. departs Ashton Bus Station for Edgeley on Route 30. Next to it is Ashton PD2 No9. Late afternoon sun catches both vehicles Oct - 64
C474 18 GTU 118C Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. is caught by the camera in Chorlton St. Manchester, on a slightly misty morning although the sun is breaking through Mar - 66
C481 284 DJA 192 Leyland PD2/1/Leryland crosses Mersey Square on Route 17X to Reddish. Also in the picture 2 other Stockport Leylands plus a North Western s.d. Sep - 63
C482 351 PJA 921 Leyland PD2/30/Longwell Green waits in Piccadilly Manchester at the terminus of the 92. The conductor is on the pavement talking to the driver who is in the cab, while a young man stands with him scratching his head Aug - 64
C483 46 HJA 946E Leyland PD2/40/E.Lancs waits at Hazel Grove (? ) on the 92 The area is busy with waiting passengers- in the background the landscape starts to get hilly Jun - 67
C484 Assorted na The rear of two Crossleys may be seen as they stand outside the Plaza at Mersey Square. Keeping them company are a Manchester PD2/40/Burlingham and 2 N.W.R.C.C. Bristol K5G's. 6/62. Jun - 62
C485 259 CJA 783 Crossley DD42/SICrossley is seen at an unknown location but near the Town Centre working Route 24. Jun - 62
  WALLASEY C.T. top^
C491 36 AHF 832 Leyland PD2/1/Metro-Cammell passes a flower be-decked roundabout in Grove Road on its way to New Brighton on the 16 May - 62
C492 66 BHF 52 Leyland PD2112/Weymann waits at Seacombe Ferry before its departure for Grove Road also on Route 6 Oct - 63
C493 31 LHF 31 Albion Nimbus/Strachans stands at Seacombe Ferry in fading light before leaving for Grove Road on Route 6 Oct - 63
C494 27 JHF 827 Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell waits in time at Seacombe Ferry. The clock says 5.05. in this vertical picture May - 65
C501 52 FED 747 Bristol K6G/Bruce. A passenger steps aboard No 52 as it stops in Bridge Foot, on a journey to Poplars Avenue on Route 1.Railings obscure part of the rear but the picture is otherwise O.K Oct - 61
C502 110 OED 215 Foden PVD6/E.Lancs heads a queue of traffic over Bridge Street on its way to Loushers Lane on Route 7, on a rather grey day Mar - 66
C503 7 XRY 207 Leyland PD3/1/E.Lancs ex-Leicester travels out of service down an almost deserted Bridge Street Jun - 76
C504 95 RJX 258 Albion Nimbus/Weymann ex-Halifax waits outside the 'Lower Angel' in Buttermarket, while the driver smiles at the photographer before leaving for Bewsey on the SA Nov - 65
C505 14 AED 29B Leyland PD2/40/E.Lancs is about to pass over Warrington Bridge at Bridge Foot on its way to Cleveland Road on Route 1. Nov - 65
C506 52 BED 733C Leyland PD2140/E.Lancs (7ft 6in wide). Roadworks are in progress as 52 passes through Buttermarket on a fine day on its way to Dallon, Lovely Lane Mar - 66
  WIDNES C.T. top^
C511 59 FTF 207 Daimler CWA6/E.Lancs. The conductor of 59 leans against the n/s mudguard whilst waiting for time in Brick St. St. Helens Mar - 66
C512 13 MTD 411 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland. A Victorian red brick church dominates 13 as it waits at Victoria Square on a journey to Peel House Lane Mar - 66
C513 32 237 WTD Leyland PD2/40/E.Lancs. Apart from a couple of cyclists 32 has Runcorn Bridge to itself on a sunny day as it heads into Runcorn. Interesting picture Jun - 62
  WIGAN C.T. top^
C521 99 AEK 512 Leyland PD2/12/Leyland. A queue of mainly elderly ladies stare at the photographer as 99 waits in the Market Place Sep - 70
C522 14 CEK 837 Leyland PD2/30/NCME is pictured in Market Street on Route 3 to Hindley, and is passing the 'Civic Building' Mar - 66
C523 69 KEK 748 Leyland PD2A.27/NCME. the conductor of 69 in maroon summer coat and white- topped hat stands by his bus while it waits in Station St. Behind are two other Wigan d.d.'s May - 71
C524 Assorted na Four PD's and a Royal Tiger are parked in a parking area just outside the Town Centre which is dominated by 2 tower blocks. In the background an Atlantean and a L.U.T. Guy ArabV are seen climbing a hill May - 71
  ST HELENS C.T. top^
C531 201 ADJ 193 Bristol L6A/Roe is standing in Shaw St near the Depot; Nice picture of this unusual vehicle. Jun - 62
C532 70 BDJ 70 AEC Regent111 /Park Royal RT' type passes the municipal buildings (?) in Victoria Sq. Jun - 62
C533 109 EDJ 109 Leyland PD2/20/E.Lancs. Heads along Prescot Rd on the 22 to Eccleston. Feb - 66
C534 2 ODJ 942 AEC Regent VlMetro Cammell awaits its departure time in Prescot on Route 9. A number of people on the pavement look as if they are waiting for a different bus. n/a
C541 CXJ 520C AEC RegentV/East Lancs is in Stevenson Square passing Lever Street and is making for Droylesden on Route 213. Apr - 68
C542 VJA 666S Bristol VRT/ECW is about to turn into Stevenson Square. Same Route No and destination. May - 78
C551 HHU 49 Bedford OBlDuple ex-Bristol O.C. looks attractive in its blue and white livery despite being parked on a bit of waste ground. Jul - 71